Neomi Rhyne

Kopernika philosophy

Without exaggeration, the Polish astronomer, Nicholas Copernicus (Mikołaj Kopernik ) came up with a theory of extraordinary importance in the history of human knowledge. Copernicus waited until his final days on his deathbed to reveal his dangerous secret about the world, knowing the havoc it would unleash. Drawing upon ancient wisdom, he sparked a revolution that fundamentally changed the way we think about our place in the universe.

Fast forward to the invention of the telescope, some mathematics and voila - the modern era of science is launched!


With a little help from a genius to unify the mechanics of heaven and Earth, the blind sceptics could now see. Or else refuse to look through the telescope or simply refuse to see what their own eyes told them – the seen, the unseen and the unseeable! The Copernican Revolution declared that scientific law need not be harmonious with appearance. It demolished the superstitions of the medieval Church and Aristotle's philosophical system that knowledge is only derived through the senses. 


But wait a minute... Aristotle is still influencing the way we work and learn in schools, universities & the workplace today. So here at Kopernika, we think now is the time to dig deeper into philosophy and history to spark the new education revolution!