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Meet Kopernika

We are a network of people rebelling against psychologists and business consultants dominating education and professional development. Tired of cookie-cutter parenting books and motivational speakers spouting the same self-help drivel? Kopernika brings top thinkers and doers together to create organisational strategies for change in your daily work, institution and even your life. We are professors, philosophers, diplomats and institutional leaders involved in cutting-edge research, policy advice and service design (so we can't show ourselves just yet).


But what makes Kopernika special?

As educational consultants, we are committed to sharing the stage with others, especially the essential workers who demonstrate how our theories work in real life to offer you practical solutions to use now. Don't be tricked by our cheeky style or easy-going language, as we journey through law, economics, politics and even art in a revolutionary way that will change how you see yourself in the universe.

Based in London, we have satellites in Poland, Israel and Australia working with partners around the globe. Whether you are an anxious beginner or stressed-out expert, you can start exploring our radically different approach today by reading our blog, ordering books or enrolling in an online course. Meanwhile, we can't wait for the Summer of 2021 to see you in person or enquire about Kopernika online.


Contact us now to talk about how you can start a (r)evolution in your community, institution or school!


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About the Blog

Our blog is different!

Sure we want you to like our photos and share our snappy quotes! But our sneaky plan is to take you beyond inspirational words and beautiful images into the messy, smelly and downright nasty reality that many of us face at some point in time. We at Kopernika want to start the education revolution!

Are you just about ready to give up? Disappointed in your work? Feel bored and need a change?

Instead of psychology or just positive words, Kopernika's philosophy gets into the nitty-gritty of understanding people, conflict and creativity. There are history lessons from some famous people like Nicholas Copernicus, Janusz Korczak and Maria Skłodowska-Curie. And real case studies designed to provoke you towards new ways of thinking and doing. 


So find your spark, join the (r)evolution and change where you stand in the world.  

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